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Finding the Best Online Testing Platform

It is not easy to find an online testing platform that provides a professional level of functionality.  There are many, many software products out in wild that provide at least some functionality for online testing.  The biggest problem is that there is an incredible range in quality, though there are also other differentiators, such as […]

Assessment Systems Partners with Sumadi to Revolutionize AI-Based Assessment for Education and Employment

Assessment Systems Corporation (ASC; https://assess.com) has announced a new partnership with Sumadi (https://sumadi.net/), a leading provider of automated proctoring and exam integrity solutions.  ASC’s cutting-edge assessment platforms will deliver tests with Sumadi’s lockdown browser and proctoring based on artificial intelligence (AI), protecting the validity of exam scores and the investment made in test content.  This […]


What is a T score?

A T Score (sometimes hyphenated T-Score) is a common example of a scaled score in psychometrics and assessment.  A scaled score is simply a way to present scores in a more meaningful and easier-to-digest context, with the benefit of hiding the sometimes obtuse technicalities of psychometrics.  Therefore, a T Score is a standardized way that […]

Remote Proctoring Software Providers

There are many remote proctoring software providers on the market, with a surprisingly wide range of functionality. The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated this industry even further.  Because of this, ASC combed the internet to compile a list of remote proctoring software for our clients. Are we missing any?  Contact sales@assess.com to suggest one. Note that […]

What is the Positive Manifold?

Positive manifold refers to the fact that scores on cognitive assessment tend to correlate very highly with each other, indicating a common latent dimension that is very strong.  This latent dimension became known as g for general intelligence or general cognitive ability.  This post discusses what the positive manifold is, but since there are MANY other […]


Certification and Licensure – What is the difference?

Certification and Licensure are two terms that are used quite frequently to refer to examinations that someone has to pass to demonstrate skills in a certain profession or topic.  They are quite similar, and often confused.  This is exacerbated by even more similar terms in the field, such as accreditation, credentialing, certificate, and microcredentials.  This […]

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What is an assessment / test battery?

A test battery or assessment battery is a set multiple psychometrically-distinct exams delivered in one administration.  In some cases, these are various tests that are cobbled together for related purposes, such as a psychologist testing a 8 year old child on their intelligence, anxiety, and autism spectrum.  However, in many cases it is a single […]

The Test Response Function in Item Response Theory

The Test Response Function (TRF) in item response theory (IRT) is a mathematical function that describes the relationship between the latent trait that a test is measuring, which psychometricians call theta (θ), and the predicted raw score on the test in a traditional notion (percentage/proportion/number correct).  An important concept from IRT, it provides a way […]