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What is Digital Assessment?

Digital assessment (DA) is the delivery of assessments, tests, surveys, and other measures via digital devices such as computers, tablets, and mobile phones.  It typically leverages additional technology such as the Internet or Intranets.  The primary goal is to be able to quickly develop items, publish tests, deliver tests, and provide meaningful results – as […]


Progress Monitoring in Education

Progress monitoring is an essential component of a modern educational system.  Are you interested in tracking learners’ academic achievements during a period of learning, such as a school year? Then you need to design a valid and reliable progress monitoring system that would enable educators assist students in achieving a performance target. Progress monitoring is […]


What is vertical scaling?

Laila Issayeva, MS Nathan Thompson, PhD Vertical scaling is the process of placing scores from educational assessments measuring same/similar knowledge domains but at different ability levels onto a common scale (Tong & Kolen, 2008). The most common example is putting Mathematics and Language assessments for K-12 onto a single scale. While general information about scaling […]

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The Bookmark Method of Standard Setting

Authors:  Laila Issayeva, MS Nathan Thompson, PhD   The Bookmark Method of standard setting (Lewis, Mitzel, & Green, 1996) is a scientifically-based approach to setting cutscores on an examination. It allows stakeholders of an assessment to make decisions and classifications about examinees that are constructive rather than arbitrary (e.g., 70%), meet the goals of the […]